Winter Tree Care Tips by a Landscaping Expert

Winter Tree Care Tips

As the snow begins to fall on your home or company, it’s critical to keep an eye on the health of your trees. The cold winter weather can cause stress in your trees, leading to various costly problems later. Landscaping professionals understand the various challenges of Midwest winters, and we can assist you in ensuring that your yard or landscape properly cares for this winter. We can handle all your commercial and residential tree service needs, including tree pruning, removal, and trimming.

This will cover some winter tree care tips to help keep your trees healthy this winter.

Tree Cold Stress

Did you know that the harsh winter weather can cause stress in trees? Cold stress can manifest itself in various ways, but it usually occurs when a mature tree sees a sudden temperature drop between the heat of the day and the cool of the night. The stress is frequently visible on the tree’s outer bark and inner wood, manifesting as cracks (due to frost).

Winter Drought

Some trees in Illinois, particularly evergreen trees, are prone to drying out over the winter. A tree must lose more water than it can absorb from the frozen ground to experience drought. Windy conditions can exacerbate this condition.

Broken Branches

Snow and hail can cause broken tree branches, posing a safety risk to you and your family. In the winter, tree branches are especially prone to breaking, especially for deciduous trees or trees that shed their leaves annually. These trees can become especially brittle in the winter, but with proper tree maintenance from tree services, you can avoid this winter hazard.

Rodent Infestation

As winter approaches, rodents, such as rabbits and mice, will begin to forage for food. As food becomes scarce outside, these critters will have no trouble chewing the bark off your trees, causing them to suffer during the vulnerable winter months.

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