When to Call for a Tree Clean Up Service

Keep Things Clear

Are you having tree problems? And not the normal common ones but the ones that seem to be something you can do but would be very inconvenient and difficult, like cleaning up. Of course, there are many instances where you might need to call up a tree clean up service right away. Here are some of those so-called situations. Take note that most of them would be considered an emergency situation.

Fallen tree on your property

If a tree fell on your property, whether it was because of strong winds or it was just really weak, you should call on an expert right away to clean it up right away. Leaving a fallen tree on your property is not only dangerous, but it could also be very inconvenient for you and could also affect the curb appeal of your property.

Fallen tree on the road

If you find a tree fallen over the road or blocking a path, you should have it cleaned right away. This is because it would not only be affecting you but a lot of people. This could cause traffic and even accidents if not dealt with right away.

Recently cut tree

If you have recently had a tree cut on your property and what remained of the tree is still there, you need to get that cleaned up properly. Leaving it there would not only cause it to rot and die on your property, but it would also be able to spread diseases into your home and other plants.

You should not try to do the cleaning up on your own in these situations in Austin, TX because of the many possible accidents or situations you would find yourself in. For an efficient tree clean up service, call Dad and Son Landscaping at (512) 886-0390 and we would be there right away, geared and ready.

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