Want to Use Rocks in Your Landscape?

When to Use Landscaping Rocks


Landscaping rocks are often used in landscaping. Most avid gardeners like to use these rocks to create more visual interest in their gardens, and these rocks are available in various colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. There are also numerous ways to use rocks in a landscape, depending on the style of the landscape and the personal preference of the homeowner and landscaper.


Sometimes, these rocks could already be present at the start of a project. This can range from large rocks or outcroppings which are unable to be moved logistically, in addition to rocks which are unearthed while prepping the area. Some gardeners like using rocks they remove from the soil to create a more holistic landscape, believing by keeping them on the property, they are showing a mark of respect to the environment.


People can also actually look for landscaping rocks. Most gardening stores sell these rocks which can vary from carefully cut, prepared, and polished rocks to raw ones. Some gardeners go as far as to collect rocks while on their travels to use in their landscape, for instance, someone that likes to have a rock from every destination they have been to. Gardeners will often go on rock-finding expeditions to places such as rivers to find rocks specifically for their projects.


Landscape rocks can also be used to create walls and barriers, geometric patterns in garden, paths, and to add creative accents. In a few of the Zen gardens, these rocks are actually the garden, as they have been carefully chosen and placed on a bed of sand or some pebbles. Landscape rocks could line flower beds that will create a sharp demarcation, or used to create sculptural garden accents, including towers of stacked rocks or displays of rock in garden beds or islands.


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