Tree Shrub Removal Tips

How to Deal With Tree Shrubs

Sometimes it is necessary to perform tree shrub removal when dealing with old, and underperforming plants to make way for newer, and more successful ones. Older shrubs can look unsightly, so it is best to clear them as soon as they are past their best. This article will guide you on the most efficient methods of clearing or relocating large tree shrubs.

It is best to clear large shrubs at a time when birds aren’t nesting, as this will avoid disturbing wildlife.

  • Aim to clear larger shrubs during the fall or winter.
  • It’s easier to dig when the soil is dry, so you should also avoid digging after heavy rainfall.
  • Use your pruning shears to cut the shrub back until only a small amount is remaining.
  • This will make it easier to expose the root ball and take it out of the ground, which is necessary if you want to completely clear the shrub.
  • Leaving the shrub’s roots in the ground will mean it will grow back.

Using the spade and mattock, cut through the roots as much as you can to make it easier to pull the root ball.

  • Although it’s only necessary to remove the root head, you should also remove as much of the root mass as you can to make space for more planting.
  • Shaking the soil out of the roots, it will make the plant lighter.

Once you have cut away the shrub and pulled up the root, you can dispose of the plant any way you like. If the shrub is small enough, consider composting it, otherwise, you should consider burning it.

Never compost a diseased plant, either burn it or put it in the household trash to prevent the infection from spreading to other plants.

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