Tree Shrub Removal Techniques

Key to a Shrub-Free Lawn and Property

Tree shrubs can be anywhere from your patio to a tree that has become an overgrown mess. They can add a little color or cover a patch of dirt that you don’t want anyone to see. They can make a garden look more natural instead of manicured. These are great benefits that tree shrubs can provide. However, if you don’t want them to take over, you will need to remove them. Tree shrubs can be hard to remove because of their root system. It is important to use caution when removing them. There are many different ways to remove tree shrubs that involve using a chainsaw or the hands and feet of an experienced tree pruning specialist. But, if you want to save yourself some money and still be able to get the job done, you will need to use some of the following tree shrub removal tips and techniques.

Never Remove Invasive Shrub Alone

Never remove shrubs that are considered to be an invasive species, this includes honeysuckle, buckthorn, or Fringe Tree. These can take over a whole area quite quickly and are very hard to remove. Once started, it will be a downhill battle for you as these shrubs can spread by simply sending out suckers.

Remove the Dead Wood Right Away

When a tree shrub is dead and starting to rot, then it is time to go and remove it. Removing the dead wood is the best method that will help you to remove the shrubs. Ripping them out by hand will leave you with large pieces of wood that you have to cut into smaller pieces.

Start by Cutting Off All the Roots

You can cut a tree shrub, however, it is not recommended. You will need to cut off all the roots that are starting to rot immediately. This is dangerous, as it will allow for disease or pests to spread. This is because it will mean that the area is open to the elements. It will also mean that you will have large stumps to deal with.

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