The Things You Need to Know About Removing Tree Shrubs in Your Lawn

Tree Shrub Removal in Austin, TX 78753

All You Need to Know About Tree Shrub Removal

Many people choose their home partially based on the surrounding land and treescape. The bigger the property, the greater the responsibility of caring for the trees, shrubs, and all other vegetation within it. Hence, your lawn will really need the care and maintenance, especially during calamities or storms that can uproot trees and move plants.

In such note, if your lawn is abundant with trees and shrubs and these things have overgrown or are no longer beneficial to your lawn’s beautification, here are some facts you need to know when performing tree shrub removal:

Make sure that the ground is moist before removing tree shrubs

When performing tree shrub removal, it is important to make the least amount of damage within the area. Hence, make sure that the ground is moist before removing tree shrubs. Pour several amounts of water within the area and allow the water to seep in before attempting to uproot it.

Use safety tools and equipment

Removing tree shrubs might be a menial job for some, but you still have to observe the proper use of safety tools and equipment. Do not forget to wear safety gloves and use an ax in hacking the roots of the shrub. If uprooting the shrubs by hand is not possible, remove it by vehicle through the use of chains.

Cover the area when you finish removing the tree shrub

Once the tree shrub is successfully removed, do not forget to cover the gaping hole left by the tree shrub. Make sure to cover and fill the hole with soil to avoid any accidents.

If you are not fond of DIY work and you believe this task must be handled by a professional, then worry no more as Dad and Son Landscaping will do the tree shrub removal just how you want it! Wherever you are in Austin, TX, we guarantee that we can readily provide our efficient removal services. Give us a call now at (512) 886-0390 to get a free estimate!

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