Simple but Effective Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Not Sure What to Do With Your Front Garden  

When it comes to front yard landscaping the designs available are almost limitless. And even if your budget is tight, you can still have a stunning garden without having to break the bank.

Landscaping should always begin with a map of the area that you want to landscape. Knowing where you want shrubs, flowers, trees, and any form of landscaping, and where you want grass or gravel. Drawing out a rough map of your front yard and labeling each section gives you a guide to follow when planning what foliage and other landscape details you want to implement.

Keeping it functional

Of course you want your front lawn to be stunning, however, remember it has to be functional also. You want to be able to mow, so you will need to include walkways, and make sure you have access to all your front yard so you can maintain it without too much difficulty. If you have pets making it accessible to them is important too. Remember, simplicity is always the best idea.

Hardscaping first

If you are planning on redoing your driveway, adding walkways, then your hardscaping must be done before you tackle the foliage. The idea is to get the main areas of the landscape set up so you can then go on to enhance the hardscape areas that include flowers, trees, shrubbery, etc.

Choosing your foliage

Now you have the hardscape part done, you can then start to choose the type of foliage you want to backdrop your driveway and pathways. Choose foliage that is suitable for your climate. You want plants and vegetation that are meant for the type of sun you receive in your front yard.

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