Landscaper Tips on the Latest Trends

2021 Trends and Designs for Landscaping

Spring is finally here, which means the time has come to go outside and update your outdoor space so you can fully enjoy the approaching warm-weather months. We at Dad and Son Landscaping have provided a few tips that range from big ideas to small ones, so you or your landscaper can enhance your backyard.

Creating Comfortable Gathering And Entertaining Spaces

Cooking and entertaining are big right now. Trends that will never go out of style are seating arrangements that provide spaces for the whole family to enjoy, fireplaces and heaters to extend the season, and lighting to extend the experience right through the night.

Some of the other trends we are seeing include a full-service kitchen and bar, in addition to a lounging area. This can be made more complete with TV to watch sporting events or audio to encourage dancing or singing. If insects are an issue, a screened-in porch or gazebo is an excellent option. This will also help against the sun in the summer and adds warmth in the spring and fall.

Add Functional Kitchen And Bath Features

If you are looking forward to spring and outdoor entertaining, then grab your swimsuit and stock the fridge as you relax beside the pool. You can maximize this experience with an outdoor kitchen that comes with a refrigerator/ice maker, sink, and some storage cabinets. An outdoor shower that is integrated into your landscape will add both form and function.

Keep Warm with Custom Fire Pits

Custom fire pits have become very popular, as homeowners love bringing the interior luxuries outside, and a fire pit will extend the day, season, or night.

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