Green and Clean Glow in Your Garden

Reason to  Have a Tree Clean Up Service


Tress provides any of our basic needs in life. Having a tree in our home is a good thing. There are a lot of benefits that we can get from trees but dead trees will cost big trouble in your home. It might hurt people when branches will fall or destroy our homes during a storm. Removing a dead tree is needed to secure ourselves and our family from any danger that may happen. You need a tree clean up service to remove these dead trees that cause a threat in your household. Here are some other reason why you should remove a dead tree in your backyard.


It attracts pest

A dead tree is extremely attractive to pests. Termites, carpenter ants and other wood-boring insects will seek out the tree and set up their shelter in it. If the insects have started to infiltrate the dead trees, it is also possible that these insects will infiltrate your home. Dead trees are also a popular nest of rats and squirrels.


Destroy the beauty of your garden

Dead trees are not appealing. Trees that don’t have leaves have falling branches and pest will never look pretty and nice on your garden. One dead tree on your backyard will destroy the whole beauty of the garden. It is appropriate if you remove those dead trees to restore the beauty of your green yard. Tree clean up service¬†will be there to bring back the beauty of your garden.


It could affect other trees

If there is a tree that died because of diseases in your garden, then it is needed to be removed immediately. Tree diseases are contagious. If not removed immediately, it will spread throughout the garden.


If you need a tree clean up service that can remove these dead trees at your home,Dad and Son Landscaping is the perfect company for you. You can visit our office at Austin, TX or call us at (512) 886-0390 to get outstanding lawn care and fencing services!

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