Basic Tips in Maintaining Your Home’s Landscape

Landscaping Tips for Eager Homeowners

If you have a beautiful outdoor area, there are a lot of challenges you’ve faced before you made it possible for sure. You probably looked for the perfect soil, grass, and plants that thrive in your area. With such, you can consider it as the fruit of your hard work. However, that won’t be the end of your responsibilities. Although you’ve made your dream come true, it doesn’t mean that it will remain as it is forever. Your landscaping tasks are only just beginning.

If you are not aware of how to fulfill them, here are a few tips to keep your landscape in good shape:

Mow your lawn 

Regularly mowing your lawn is very important. However, in summer days, avoid cutting grass more than one-third of its height. Why? If you cut your grass too short, the root growth will slow down, which makes them more susceptible to heat and dryness. Also, it can encourage the grass seeds to grow faster, raising the water demand of the grass and needing more frequent mowing.

Prune your trees and shrubs

In pruning your trees or shrubs, make sure to do it in the winter season before the weather gets dry and hot. Avoid pruning more than 30 percent of a plant at a time. Why? Low branches will provide shade for the trunk and roots. The shade can keep the surrounding soil cooler. With such, the moisture will be maintained longer, which can provide natural mulch for the plant. So it’s essential not to over-prune during summer days. Always leave low branches on shrubs and trees to give plants much-needed shade for themselves.

Water your trees and plants 

It is the most obvious task that you always do for your plants. However, most homeowners ignore this because of their busy schedules. In this case, you might be shocked one day to find that some of your trees and plants have died. To avoid this, you can always ask the assistance of reliable landscaping companies or install a sprinkler on your lawn. With such, you can keep your yard fresh and healthy.

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